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Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN Driver

Like we mentioned before, the Shuttle XPC X and now the X reminded The addition of the hybrid TV/FM tuner and wireless LAN has. Enter Shuttle's latest mini media centre PC, the XM. The wireless network adapter is another bonus, making Internet connection and. Shuttle XPC mini X sets a new standard. With a surface barely the size of a PN b/g Wireless LAN Kit (optional). Share your internet with friends.

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Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN Driver

Still, the X is quite decent overall and it certainly fulfilled the quiet Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN. There is also the integrated infrared receiver and remote control that we wished was present in the X Perhaps the best way of judging the Shuttle XPC X is not to see it as the next iteration of a series, but another variation on the same theme.

Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN Driver Windows 7

After all, the X is still available and it can be configured to be competitive with the notebooks and desktops available nowadays. The X meanwhile serves a different purpose and crowd.

It is aimed squarely at the media center enthusiast who would love to have a retro, console-looking HTPC in the Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN room, quiet and nondescript. This dream however, is not perfect as the lack of a HDMI output and the current driver support for only Microsoft Windows Media Center operating systems hinders it from those hoping to tweak it to their preferences particularly since Linux's MythTV is probably one of the most fully featured media center application now.

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Whereas the original Shuttle X faced competition mainly from the Apple Mac Mini, the X may be fighting Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN the new generation of consoles cum home entertainment hubs from Microsoft and Sony as well as the original X in certain aspects. Of course, this direction is clearly marked at the bottom of the unit. The front panel of the XPC X looks almost exactly the same too.

That is the infrared receiver, one of the new additions to the X While Shuttle has stated that the X is ready for Windows Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN, we only have their word for it, since we only tested it with Windows XP and with all the custom applications and devices, proper drivers are a must for everything to work. However, with Shuttle's usual efficiency when it comes to releasing drivers, we are not unduly worried about Windows Vista support.

Or the consumers have made a point about the older ports. This can make it a little untidy around the back of your entertainment system, but that probably won't bother you too much. Another factor contributing to its mouse-like decibel level is that Shuttle has opted out of installing the X mobility graphics card that came built Shuttle X200 Wireless LAN the X Realistically, you're unlikely to be using this machine for 3D gaming, so the 3DMark06 score of isn't quite so damning as it would be to a non-media centre PC.

That said, it does struggle on screen resolutions higher than xShuttle X200 Wireless LAN you're not going to experience Vista's tasty Aero effects on your high-definition television.

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PCMark 05 even told us that the graphics chipset didn't meet the requirements for Vista. Playback of high-def video is a trifle shaky too, but that's probably more to do with the CoreDuo mobile processor than the onboard graphics.

One of the other major downsides of the loss of the X is the fact that with it went the S-Video output. Hi-def heartache There are positives here though, particularly in the form of the standard desktop SATA hard drive.

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The version we're reviewing comes with a fairly substantial GB drive, but slotting in a higher capacity drive in the future is easier than it would be on most desktops.

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